Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's true...I love to take photos with the rockers that I meet.
Prepare for cheese-ville...
Legs McNeil in Lexington (with my friends Sarah and Brett to the right of Legs). We went to see him do a book discussion and ended up hanging out with him for several hours and took him back to his hotel. So cool!
Mick Collins in Brooklyn, NYC  at the Norton Records 25th Anniversary extravaganza. Sarah is making the ultimate party face.

Cyril Jordan in New Orleans, Ponderosa Stomp 2009. I don't even care about the crazy eyes!

Kermit Ruffins, New Orleans 2012

Louisville celebrity Sarah Swain of The Ladybirds

Tom Kenny in New Orleans, P-Stomp 2009

Andrew W.K. in Covington, KY in 2013, Jessy is the blond

Cheetah Chrome, Indianapolis 2013, with Sarah. I posted another picture of us a a few posts back. Check it out. Clearly we like to meet rockers together.

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