Thursday, November 21, 2013

End of the Year Calendar

I love the holidays! I hate the commercialism, but I love seeing people all around, doing things, everything is livelier and busier during the holidays.And people come in town! There is s different kind of excitement to the nights! Plus, there are even more shows going on and that's my favorite part.
Also, I am DJing a few times. Check it out.

End of the Year Calendar 2013

Friday November 22nd       10pm-3am   The Highlands Tap Room Grill
Wednesday November 27th      10pm     Zanzabar
Saturday November 30th     8-11pm       Decca
Friday December 13th       10pm-3am   The Highlands Tap Room Grill
Saturday December 14th       8-11pm     Decca
Friday December 27th    10pm-3am      The Highlands Tap Room Grill
Saturday December 28th  10pm-2am      Mayday Northside (Cincinnati)

Thursday, November 14, 2013


The world's greatest Jet Rock and Roll band!

October 20th, 2013
Memphis, TN
at the Hi Tone
a Sunday night

(All photos were taken with the shitty camera on my phone)

The Coathangers (below) played right before Guitar Wolf. These girls kicked ass. They were on this tour with GW, which took them across the midwest, New Orleans, east coast I think, and to Tennessee three different times! They opened and closed the tour in Memphis. This was their last night of the tour.

Coward and River City Tanlines opened the show. All 4 bands were killer!

The Coathangers are from Atlanta.
Guitar Wolf takes the stage!
Japan's greatest jet rock and roll band needs no introduction.
U.G. and Toru comb their hair!


Seiji aka Guitar Wolf. Jet generation!

There was no shortage of photo ops and poses.

Jet order - bet your life!

This guy loves rock and roll!
There's a wallet on my ass with a rock 'n' roll license!
They love rock and roll too!

Next with a jet, go go go!
He posed for the fans all night long.
After the show, we cornered Seiji for photos. Kelli and Seiji

Mine and Seiji's outtake. He was so nice, he blew off some dude so that he could get good pictures with both of us.
Here we are again. A great photo to end an even greater rock show. Kelli and I did not stop, and we went on to talk to strangers, stay up late, eat wings at 3 am while playing air know all those things you aren't supposed to do, and then retired to our Motel 6. Kelli said the experience was a soul refresher, as she has been bogged down with work lately, she said, "sometimes I need to be reminded that I have a rock and roll soul."

 Yes, lady, you DO have a ROCK AND ROLL soul!

This was the kind of rock and roll show that reminded me of how I felt when I first started going to rock and roll shows. The next day my neck was sore and my ears were ringing for days, but it was all worth it. The 6 hour drive there and 6 hour drive back, the gas money, the shitty road food you try your best to avoid, it was all worth it, it always has been. This is what I do. I drive around and go to rock and roll shows. And I will never stop!!!

And in case you never saw it, here is Wild Zero, the best movie ever...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Little Richard, Happy at Last"

Excerpt from John Waters Role Models
Little Richard, Happy at Last

The fame came all right, like burning lava, and today, Little Richard seems a happy prisoner of it, resting on the laurels, fretting and planning, unable to go out--even for a walk. "I'm afraid to. I might meet somebody who will try to take me away. My chauffeur picks me up in the limo and we pass the girls and they start screaming. I'm talkin' fourteen or fifteen years old. They scream, 'Aaaaaghh! Aaaaaghh!' and I say, 'Oh, thank you, Lord.' It's such a good feelin', It's a blessing sometimes and a lesson. It makes you feel good that you're a living legend and not a dead one. People expect so much from you, you got to live so much down. The burden of all this falls on you. It's hard to have a friend when your name's a household word."

Monday, November 4, 2013

ROCK SEXY #27 Halloween 2013 Edition


Haunted Beach Party - The Pandoras
From Home - The Troggs
Love Tennesee - Turbo Fruits
Sunday Morning - Velvet Underground

White Light White Heat - Lou Reed
It Was a Nightmare - Go Go Gorillas
Nightmare Mash - Bill Rilley

Cycle Annie - The Beachnuts
Miserlou - Bobby Fuller Four
The Desert Rat - Duane Eddy

I Walked With a Zombie - Roky Erickson
Do the Zombie - The Symbols
The Zombie Stomp - Danny Ware
Watusi Zombie - Jan Davis

High Himalayas - Yetti Men
Ghost Power - The Cords
Ghost Train - Electro Tones
 Voodoo Drums - Akim
Voodoo Woman - Curtis Knight

Werewolf - Frantics
Night Train - Bobby Fuller Four
If It's Love (Come What May) - Bobby Fuller Four
What Goes On - Velvet Underground
Do the Ostrich - The Primitives
Night of the Sadist - Larry and the Blue Notes
I'm On Your Prey - The Glass Opening
Son of Sam - Dead Boys
No Werewolf -  Frantics

The Grave - Tony Casanova
Wolf Gal - Skipper Ryle
The Poets Dead
Aloha From Hell - The Cramps
The Munsters Theme
The Haunted - The Madmen



Down on the Street - The Stooges
Little Pretty Thing - The Troggs
City Slang - Sonics Rendevous Band
Banging on My Drum - Lou Reed
Looking at You - MC5
Trick Bag - The Artesians

They Say I'm Different - Betty Davis
Anti-Love Song - Betty Davis
Shake a Tail Feather - Debutauntes
Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin - Runaways
Love's Gone Mad - Chris Clark
 Slaughter on 10th Avenue - The Ventures

Invisible Man - The Breeders
Yo Seria Otro - Davila 666
La Pingarocha y la Diva - Davila 666
Miss Me - Girls at Dawn
Subway Train - New York Dolls
Flame Out - 101 String Orchestra
Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues - The Kinks
Till the End of the Day - The Kinks
Linda - Kim Fowley
Fire Eyes - Index
Baby Boy Blues - Baby Boy Warren
Gonna Be Loved - Linda and the Epics

El Tren - Los Apson
C'mon and Swim - Bobby Freeman
Hot Pants 1&2 - James Brown
I Found You - Yvonne Fair
Little Egypt - The Coasters

Hot Lips Baby - Herbie Duncan
Chicken Shake - Hasil Adkins
I Wanna Be Your Man - The Youngsters
Barracude - The Standells
Dumb Head - The Sharades

Ponderosa Stomp 2013

The first weekend of October 2013 took me back to New Orleans for the 11th Ponderosa Stomp.
I have said many times that without the Stomp (and Norton Records) I wouldn't be the person I am today. Without the exposure the organizers of this festival gives these "unsung heroes of rock and roll" it would have taken me a lot longer to learn about these architects of music that spans genres, audiences and years.

I first went to the Ponderosa Stomp in 2007 and haven't missed one since. Roky Erikson, Ronnie Spector, Mary Weiss, Wanda Jackson, ? and the Mysterians, Scotty Moore, Swamp Dogg, Lazy Lester, Maggie Lewis, Barbara Lynn, Guitar Lightening Lee, and this year The Sonics, Chris Montez, Charles Brimmer, Chris Clark and The Standells, and numerous other r&b, rockabilly, swamp pop, rock and roll and soul artists have graced the stages of the Stomp. Countless other players backing up these performers making for nights of spectacular music and elbow rubbing with these unsung heroes of rock and roll.  This is truly a festival put on by people that absolutely LOVE music for people that absolutely LOVE music. It is my favorite event of the year and I am always looking forward to next years. 

So I took some pictures, met some people, got some voice drops for ARTxFM and ROCK SEXY, bought some crazy good records, listened to The Sonics tell stories, and rocked out in NOLA for a few days.

I never claimed to be a photographer but this is so pretty it kind of looks like a painting.
Halloween 2012 I went to dba on Frenchman and left my sticker on a bathroom door. One year later, it was still there, untouched.
From afar on a shitty camera phone...Billy Miller and Miriam Linna of Norton Records spin at the pre-Stomp party Hip Drop. I think this year's was the 6th.
The Sonics original members Gerry Roslie, Larry Parypa, and Rob Lind at the Ponderosa Stomp Music Conference with Billy Miller and Michael Hurtt.
At one point, Michael Hurtt asked Gerry Roslie if he ever wrote a love song, and Gerry said, very quietly,"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark." I stuck around after they were done so they could sign my 45, and so Larry Parypa could do a station ID for my show ROCK SEXY on ARTxFM.


Love this city!
The Sonics in action at the Rock'n'Bowl New Orleans. October 4th, 2013. Original members Andy Parypa and Bob Bennett are not able to travel but Freddie Dennis and Dusty Watson have filled in quite well.
One of the best voices in rock and roll, Gerry Roslie!

One of the founding brothers, guitar player Larry Parypa.

Wow, Chris Montez!

Backed by Deke Dickerson and Cyril Jordan!
Deke and Cyril

Seriously, the bands that back these guys and ladies up are ON POINT! That chick guitar player to the right was badass and Deke Dickerson is always amazing, I have seen him at every Stomp and he is great. His band Untamed Youth is awesome.
Ty Wagner playing it cool.

 I made a new friend. Diana from Switzerland. Check out her show NIGHT TRAIN RADIO. Search NIGHT TRAIN RADIO, it is on podomatic. I am having trouble posting a link.

These are my of me posing with a cheese grin with Chris Montez and Cyril Jordan!
Michael Hurtt: (to Gerry Roslie) "Did you ever write a love song?"
Gerry Roslie: "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark."
The Sonics signing stuff. Freddie Dennis (of The Kingsmen) who can sing like whoa!, being a goofball.

Filtered version
Blurry pic of The Standells performing. Well I love that dirty water!

Tom Kenny of Mr. Show, Adventuretime, Spongebob Squarepants, and a bunch of other stuff, is a music lover. I spotted him the first time at the Stomp in 2009 and got my picture with him. This time we hung out and talked to him for a while, about music and television, as he is a super friendly, and he did these station IDs for my show as a couple of his current characters.

When it comes to shoes, best $12 I ever spent.
Late night T-shirt shot

Brunch at Mother's.
Diana! Don't forget to check out her show Night Train Radio on Podomatic.

Until next time...I hope you enjoyed the photos. Obviously I didn't get pictures of all the great singers and performers and believe me there was so much more to see, I always wish it lasted longer. 
I should also mention that the Ponderosa Stomp Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to getting the unsung heroes of rock and roll back to the stage. I encourage you to check out their website for more information by clicking this link : Ponderosa Stomp Foundation

As always, thanks for the support!