Thursday, November 14, 2013


The world's greatest Jet Rock and Roll band!

October 20th, 2013
Memphis, TN
at the Hi Tone
a Sunday night

(All photos were taken with the shitty camera on my phone)

The Coathangers (below) played right before Guitar Wolf. These girls kicked ass. They were on this tour with GW, which took them across the midwest, New Orleans, east coast I think, and to Tennessee three different times! They opened and closed the tour in Memphis. This was their last night of the tour.

Coward and River City Tanlines opened the show. All 4 bands were killer!

The Coathangers are from Atlanta.
Guitar Wolf takes the stage!
Japan's greatest jet rock and roll band needs no introduction.
U.G. and Toru comb their hair!


Seiji aka Guitar Wolf. Jet generation!

There was no shortage of photo ops and poses.

Jet order - bet your life!

This guy loves rock and roll!
There's a wallet on my ass with a rock 'n' roll license!
They love rock and roll too!

Next with a jet, go go go!
He posed for the fans all night long.
After the show, we cornered Seiji for photos. Kelli and Seiji

Mine and Seiji's outtake. He was so nice, he blew off some dude so that he could get good pictures with both of us.
Here we are again. A great photo to end an even greater rock show. Kelli and I did not stop, and we went on to talk to strangers, stay up late, eat wings at 3 am while playing air know all those things you aren't supposed to do, and then retired to our Motel 6. Kelli said the experience was a soul refresher, as she has been bogged down with work lately, she said, "sometimes I need to be reminded that I have a rock and roll soul."

 Yes, lady, you DO have a ROCK AND ROLL soul!

This was the kind of rock and roll show that reminded me of how I felt when I first started going to rock and roll shows. The next day my neck was sore and my ears were ringing for days, but it was all worth it. The 6 hour drive there and 6 hour drive back, the gas money, the shitty road food you try your best to avoid, it was all worth it, it always has been. This is what I do. I drive around and go to rock and roll shows. And I will never stop!!!

And in case you never saw it, here is Wild Zero, the best movie ever...

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