Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Little Richard, Happy at Last"

Excerpt from John Waters Role Models
Little Richard, Happy at Last

The fame came all right, like burning lava, and today, Little Richard seems a happy prisoner of it, resting on the laurels, fretting and planning, unable to go out--even for a walk. "I'm afraid to. I might meet somebody who will try to take me away. My chauffeur picks me up in the limo and we pass the girls and they start screaming. I'm talkin' fourteen or fifteen years old. They scream, 'Aaaaaghh! Aaaaaghh!' and I say, 'Oh, thank you, Lord.' It's such a good feelin', It's a blessing sometimes and a lesson. It makes you feel good that you're a living legend and not a dead one. People expect so much from you, you got to live so much down. The burden of all this falls on you. It's hard to have a friend when your name's a household word."

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