Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Just a quick prologue...
This is a post that has been long in its making. I read each of these books and started jotting down some of the more memorable lines.
(Also, I recommend any and all of the books noted in here.)

 Rock and Roll Quotes, Part 1: Dudes
"It's just that soul probably lies in suffering and I identify with people who suffer." -Phil Spector, from Tearing Down the Wall of Sound


"Besides fast food, the rock and roll group is what America is best known for, and its model is reproduced across the globe, at much cost to the individuals involved and for little apparent reward." -Ian Svenonius, Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock and Roll Group

"It's hard to care anymore. The music industry is fat and unsatisfied. They can buy anything, and turn anyone into a spiritual eunuch. That means no balls." -Iggy Pop, from The Dark Stuff by Nick Kent

"I met Syd Barret there [Frendz journal headquarters]. Less than 5 years earlier, I'd stood transfixed, watching him in all his retina-scorching, dandified splendor as he'd performed with his group the Pink Floyd, silently praying that one day I might be like him. Now, as he stood before me with his haunted eyes and fractured countenance, I was having second thoughts." - Nick Kent, The Dark Stuff

"Do what you should do, not what you could do, cause you can do anything, but there are consequences. And consequences are a bitch."   -Andre Williams

"My only ambition in life became to meet Handsome Dick Manitoba. That's why we started Punk magazine, so we could hang out with the Dictators." -Legs McNeil, from Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

"Johnny Mathis Christmas had no prepublicity but all 2,564 seats were sold. His appeal was broad and wide, something I can never achieve, and he can never escape." -John Waters, Role Models

"Honey, I'm a cocksucker, what are you?" -Lou Reed, from Please Kill Me


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