Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rock and Roll Road Trip: Chicago February 2014

A few weeks ago, I went to Chicago to see The Sonics play at the Double Door. The Cynics opened the show.  Best rock and roll road trip friends Sarah and Jaxon Swain, host of ARTxFM's brand new show PARTY PANTS, came along for the ride.


The show was crowded as hell and frankly and I hung back from the stage, so I have no close up goos pictures of the band. But before they played, we ran into Rob Lind in the downstairs of the Double Door and snagged a photo.

Sister Fox and DJ Hipshot, co-hosts of FUZZBOX, also made the drive up I-65 to the Windy City to see the Northwest garage rock legends. Dave then took us to the bar Exit. We posed for this photo op that is going to be turned into a nice little flyer for our shows.

I had a DJ gig at Liar's Club the night after the show. It was super fun, people dug it, and I got paid.

I also took this photo of a streetlamp in Chicago.

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