Monday, July 21, 2014

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Fat White Family

As much as I try to keep up with the times, there are a lot of avenues to take when looking for new music, and where there are a lot of avenues to take, there are also a lot to miss. Often I find out about an awesome band only to learn they played in Covington or Nashville or Indianapolis a year before, then I have to wait around until said band decides to trod along middle America once more.

Well, I was able to come across the name Fat White Family in an email from and as it turns out, I do not think they have played anywhere near me yet. In an album review for another new band, FWF was mentioned as the only good band out there right now. I am thankfully not quite that cynical (yet), but the writer's praise of FWF was convincing enough to lead me over to YouTube. And there was this wonderfully shot, terrific sounding video of one of their performances at SXSW from this past March.

A few minutes into this live show footage had me convinced so I listened to everything on their Bandcamp page.
Fat White Family BANDCAMP 

Then there is this song on their limited edition 7inch of the same name on Hate Hate Hate Records that came out this past March. There were only 750 available.

You should seriously have listened to that track. If you didn't go, back and listen.
And the video is fucking weird, and great, if you can handle a little bit of butt.

As always I am excited to hear something new and awesome!
 Please email me at if you have any band/music info to share with me!

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