Friday, April 3, 2015

ROCK SEXY: The Lost Month: Part 2

Black to Comm - MC5
Jean Genie - David Bowie
Babylon - New York Dolls - JoHansen, Thunders
T.V. Eye - The Stooges - 

Wake Up in Makeup - Jam Messengers
Susu - Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Oh Aurelia - Acid Baby Jesus
Don't Wanna Lose - Ex Hex
Beast - Ex Hex
I'll Be Loving You - King Kahn and BBQ Show
Rumble - The Sonics

Gonna Raise Hell - Cheap Trick
Divine Hammer - The Breeders
One Chord Wonders - The Adverts
Podunk Holler - Eccentrics
Poison Ivy - The Coasters
My Woman - Woody Carr and the El Caminos - Wile, Pola
Come See Me - Pretty Things - Tubbs, Jackson, Barnes

Wanderer - Dion 
Lookie There - Kid Thomas
Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry 
Ooh My Soul - Little Richard - R. Penniman
Let's Rock While the Rockin's Good - Little Willie John - Joyce Kennedy
Torquay - Fireballs - George Tomsco 
Waddlin' Around - King Kahn and BBQ Show
Hot Surf #1 - Hot Wires

I Don't Need You - The Nubs
Rid of Me - PJ Harvey

Bo Diddley is Dead - Jam Messengers
Living for the Weekend - Dirtbombs 
In For The Kill - Budgie
Passenger - Iggy Pop

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