Friday, January 22, 2016

ROCK SEXY #116 - with special guests The Electrolytes (Playlist Only)

Rock and Roll Radio- The Ramones
You Can't Judge a Book - Shadows of Knight
Wake up in Makeup - Jam Messengers
Silly Whim - Jeanie, Jim, Tom and Bill
Rebel Rebel - David Bowie

'67 Firebird - The Electrolytes
Bottle - The Electrolytes
Beast - Ex Hex

People Who Died - Jim Carroll
Roadrunner - Modern Lovers
Apocalyptic Love - James and the Ultrasounds
Sister Midnight - Iggy Pop
Don't Need You Cause I Got Me - The Nubs

Driven To Fly - The Electrolytes
Tuff Nodder - The Electrolytes
Obsesiano - Davila 666

El Diablo- Devil and His Dicsiples
Snow Surfin' Matador 
Dixie Doodle - Link Wray

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