Tuesday, October 3, 2017

ROCK SEXY #190 7-27-17

Rip Her to Shreds - Blondie
Wipeout - The Coathangers
Baby Let's Play House - Rachel Sweet
Chico's Girl - The Girls
Drive the Night - Kristin Kontrol

Nightclubbin' - Iggy Pop
Save Yourself - The Make-Up
Maria - Thelma and the Sleaze
I Can't - Les Sexareenos

Rock and Roll Radio - Joe Boot
Walking Beside You - The Mighty El-Dukes
Walk on the Wild Side - Marylin Brown
 The Night - Dee Dee Sharpe

Thunderbolt - Tommy James 
Lightening's Girl - Nancy Sinatra 
Robot Love - James and the Ultrasounds
Baby Won't Ya - MC5

Cry to Me - The Pretty Things
I Believe in Love - Lou Reed
You Can't Turn Me Off - Sam the Sham
Rush to Relax - Eddy Current Suppression Ring
 You've Got Your Head on Backwards - Thee Headcoatees
Shot Down - The Cynics

Broken By the Way - Phantom Family Halo
Rubber City Rebels - Rubber City Rebels

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