Friday, May 18, 2018

ROCK SEXY #201 11-9-17

Dum Dum Boys - Iggy Pop
Over and Over - MC5
Un Petit Peu D'amour - Katty Line
Everybody Dance - Lydia Marcelle
That Driving Beat - Willie Mitchell
Can't Control Myself - The Troggs

Thinking About It - Sheep
Shakin' All Over - The Guess Who
The Way That You Work - Les Sexareenos
Lights Out - Les Sexareenos
Mondo Topless - Stompin' Riff Raffs

Night Time - The Strangeloves
Baby Baby I Can't Take it No More - Tommy James and the Shodells
Mama Oo Mow Mow  The Cramps
Ham and Eggs - Skip Manning
Stranded in the Jungle - New York Dolls
Loco-Motion - Little Eva
Please Please Please - James Brown

We Got the Beat - Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Annie - Craig Bell
Let's Dance - Chris Montez
H-Bomb - Night Beats
Soul Serenade - Willie Mitchell
I'm Alright - Jesse James

Light Out Club - Ex-Cult
Psychic Future - Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Meet Me at the Movies - The Go
Banging on My Drum - Lou Reed
Follow the Leader - Lou Reed
I Wanna Know - Nolan Strong and the Diablos

I Really Love You - Nolan Strong and the Diablos
Smother - The Coathangers
Letters in a Box - James and the Ultrasounds
Oh My Lover - The Chiffons
Fake Friends - Joan Jett 
Sincron - Pe Linga Plopii Sot

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