Monday, June 17, 2013


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Rock and Roll Music - Chuck Berry
Beat Girl - John Barry Seven
I Need You - The Kinks
I Just Want to Have Something to Do - The Ramones
I Wanted Everything - The Ramones
Primitive - The Groupies
Haunted Head - Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Run For Cover - The Oblivians

Supercharger - Get Out of My House
You Got Good Taste - The Cramps
It's About Time - The Pandoras
 Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground
Night of the Phantom
See If I Care
Surfside Date
Drugs - The Black Lips
S.O.S. - The Breeders

Wanderer - Dion
Putty in Your Hands
Strange Ways - King Kahn 

Thee Headcoats - What You See is What You Are
Contact High - Ike and Tina Turner
TVC15 - David Bowie
Stop - Bloodshot Bill

If You Can't Rock Me - The Strikes
Tiger Man - The Flaming Groovies
Got My Mojo Working - The Shadows of Knight

 Kill the Light - Cheap Time
Planet of the Wolves - Guitar Wolf
Moses (Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go)
Sham Rock - The Royal Teens

Blo Jangs- The Savoys
Stolen Moments - The Torquays
Acute Paranoia Schizophrenia Blues - The Kinks
Tropic of Cancer - Fabulous XL's
Be My Baby - The Ronnettes 
Big Girls Don't Cry - Edith Massey

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