Sunday, July 21, 2013


Last night, the Ponderosa Stomp Foundation announced on their Facebook page that the Sonics will be playing at the Ponderosa Stomp coming up just over two months away in dreamy New Orleans. This reminded me of when I saw them at the Norton Records 25th anniversary show in Brooklyn in  November 2011. I took some pictures, but all I had was a shitty phone camera, so they are not good, but I never said I was a photographer, and at least they are close up to the stage. 

By the way...
The classic Sonics lineup, as recorded on Here Are The Sonics and Boom:
    Gerry Roslie (b. 1944) — organ, piano, lead vocals
    Andy Parypa — bass guitar
    Larry Parypa — lead guitar, vocals
    Rob Lind — saxophone, vocals, harmonica
    Bob Bennett — drums

Current lineup:
    Gerry Roslie — organ, piano, lead vocals
    Freddie Dennis — bass guitar, vocals
    Larry Parypa — lead guitar, vocals
    Rob Lind — saxophone, harp, vocals
    Dusty Watson — drums

Bennett and A. Parypa, unable to travel, were replaced by Watson and Dennis.


The fans were wild! Louisville buds Sarah and Jaxon made it up to NYC for the weekend too!

Among other garage legends playing in New Orleans at the Stomp this October are the Standells , the Sloths, Ty Wagner, Gaunga Dyns, along with a killer soulful lineup including Swamp Dogg, Baby Washington, Maxine Brown , Chris Clark, rocker Chris Montez , and much much more!
Suffice to say that I am STOKED!

To find out more about the non-profit Ponderosa Stomp Foundation, visit the website

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