Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Cynthia Plaster Caster Post

I learned who Cynthia Plaster Caster was when I was a senior in high school.

Eleven years later, an acquaintance of mine in who has known her for many, many years brought her to Louisville to show her collection and talk about her experiences. I took some pictures.

Cynthia begins her talk after Cesar Padilla introduces her.

The top part of the penis is one of the early ones that didn't hold up completely.

Cynthia is an avid document-er. Here she is reading her journal entries from the nights she plaster castered Jimi Hendrix and lost her virginity to Noel Redding.

MC5's Dennis Thompson on the right. Wayne Kramer on the left. Wayne's was done in an improper container and therefore didn't get the whole shaft in the mixture. But she said he didn't care, cause he knows what he has.

Richard Lloyd of Television looking mighty.
David Yow of Jesus Lizard
Eddie Brigati of the Young Rascals
Noel Redding, of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Cynthia's first real "rockstar" cast was Jimi. She wanted to cast Jimi, and fuck Noel, and that's what happened. When they came back to Chicago, Cynthia got Noel casted.
(I didn't get a really good shot of Jimi's plus I didn't want to give it all away, so go see this! Only $10 and you get FOUR other exhibits (biker vests, photography, and vintage sexual revolution T-shirt collection) for free!! Check it out here El Campo de Manana Part 2.)
In the past decade or so, Cynthia started casting breasts as well. So far on her "tit" list is Margaret Dollrod (above), ladies of L7, Stereolab and many others, including Peaches, pictured below.

This is a great little video of Cynthia and Suzi of L7, talking about how it all came to be, and watch as a cast of breasts is made before your very eyes.

There are many more on display, in addition to four other great exhibits as part of El Campo de Manana Part 2. If you are in or around Louisville, it is definitely worth checking out. On display until September 7th!

Also check out this great show (the link is below) from Wednesday July 31st that aired on ARTxFM featuring Cynthia, Cesar Padilla, and Paul Zone, whose photographs of growing up in the New York underground scene in the 1970's are on display in the room adjacent to Cynthia's displays at the Land of Tomorrow at 233 W Broadway in Louisville, KY as part of "El Campo de Manana Pt 2". For more information visit the Land of Tomorrow Website

Cynthia/Cesar/Paul show on ARTxFM

Stay sexy!

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  1. The description of Kramer and Thompson is backwards. Should be Thompson left, Kramer right.