Saturday, January 25, 2014


The snow-pocalypse screwed up my original plans for this weekend (which was to be in a hot tub in the woods) BUT things like that getting cancelled makes way for what looks to be a really fun night ahead. 

This is NOT AT ALL what it looks like outside here.

Less than 18 hours ago I was asked if I could DJ before and after an all girl Guns 'n' Roses cover band. Since I took off work for the ill-fated cabin trip, I was suddenly free and it doesn't hurt that the venue is literally one block from my house, add to that all my equipment is already loaded in my car from my gig last night. I said yes I can. 
This morning I woke to find numerous people posting about this last minute show and several people that already knew who these chicks are and were saying very positive things on the internet about them. I checked out their website for pictures and videos and dammit they are good. REALLY GOOD. I am looking forward to meeting them and being a small part of the show at the New Vintage in Louisville, KY tonight. 

Check these videos out.

And this too...

(I stole these pictures from their Facebook page and website.)

 Publicity photos by Ruth Anne Arnold

After tonight I will have some of my own photos and maybe a good video or two.

TONIGHT at The New Vintage (formerly Uncle Pleasant's) 
TIME : Doors at 8pm
$8 (support touring bands!!!)
I will provide tunes before and after sets. Great show! Cool bar! It's Saturday!

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