Monday, March 30, 2015


Rock and Roll Radio - Ramones
Non-Stop Girls - Radio Birdman - D. Tek
War Zone - Vibrators - Ian M. Cornochan
Bombers - Tubeway Army - Gary Numan
1970's - Sherbert
Safari - Breeders

Steel and You - Tubeway Army - Numan
Die Young Stay Pretty - Blondie - D. Harry, C. Stein
Give Me Back My Man - B-52's - F. Schneider, R. Wilson, K. Strickland, C. Wilson
Inducing Instinct - Ausmuteants
Hey - AJ Davila Terror Amor

What - Broncho
Save Yourself - Makeup
Baby You Goofed - Rudi Stewart - Johnny Townes
The Wig - Lorenzo Holden
Do You Remember What You Did - Nolan Strong
Red Hot - Link Wray
99 and a 1/2 Won't Do - Detroit Cobras
Save My Soul - Wimple Wench - D. Christopholus, Kelman
Mr. Lee - The Bobbettes
Party Song - Merrille Rush and the Turnabouts

I Don't Know - Benny Turner
Believe Me When I Say - Esquerita
Diggin' - Pack Keys
It's Gonna Be Good - Johnny Jones and the King Casuals

Make Up Your Mind -Straight Arrows
We Gonna Ball - Les Sexareenos
I'll Be Loving You - Mark Sultan
That's My Girl - Monks
Skinny Minnie - Sonics - Haley, Keefer, Cafra, Gabler
Voy Corriendo - Los Explosivos

Pretty Things - Hot Wires
Crusing - Black Lips
They Lie - Mind Spiders
I Die You Die - Gary Numan
Born to Die - King Kahn and the Shrines
Radio - The Girls

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