Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ROCK SEXY #112 - Halloween 2015 Part One: It Was a Rockin' Graveyard Nightmare

Dead - The Poets
I Put a Spell on You - The Animals
Graveyard - The Blenders
The Hex - The Moroccos
Haunted House - Chris Klein and the Comics
Transylvania Twist - Baeron Daemon
Zombie Stomp - Danny Ware

Ghost Train - Electro-tones
Spider Web of Blues - Victoria Spivey
Pagin' the Devil - Kansas City Six
The Devil is Mad - Dorothea Fleming
If You Have Ghosts - Roky Erickson
The Creep - Milton DeLugg

Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
Psycho - The Sonics 
Psychotic Reaction - Brenton Wood
Mummy - The Naturals
Desert Rat - Duane Eddy
Rockin' in the Graveyard - Jackie Morningstar
It Was a Nightmare - Go Go Gorillas

Ghost Power - The Cords
Voodoo Woman - Curtis Knight 
The Spook - Caravans
Janie Made a Monster - Fabulous Fire
The Grave -Tony Casanova
Dinner with Dracula - Zacherle
The Chase is On - Harley Hatcher

Aloha From Hell - The Cramps
Wolf Gal - Skipper Ryle
Mr. Ghost Goes to Town - Five Jones Boys
Munsters - Billy Strange
Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton
Night of the Vampire - Moontrekkers

Til the Following Night - Screaming Lord Sutch
Night of the Sadist - Larry and the Blue Notes 
Watusi Zombie - Jan Davis
Wolf Pack - Kid Thomas
Devil Blues - Skip Manning
Train to Satanville - Gin Gillette
El Diable - Devil and His Disciples
\Girl is a Devil -  The Dukays

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