Thursday, November 26, 2015


Rock and Roll Radio - Ramones
Speed of Life - David Bowie
House in the Country - Pretty Things
Desert Rat - Duane Eddy
The Faker - Ty Segall

Pow to the People - Makeup
The Tide is High - Blondie
I'm Gonna Put a Watch on You - Ruby Lee
Run For Your Life - Nancy Sinatra
Baby Lets Twist - Dictators

Patitas - Davila 666
Keep on Knockin - Death
I Know But I Don't Know - Blondie
Friday at the Hideout - Underdogs
Thank Goodness its Friday -
We Gonna Ball - Les Sexareenos
International Girl -
Divine Hammer - The Breeders
Nobody's Fault But Mine - Otis Redding
Some Kinda Love - Velvet Undergound
Obsesiano - Davila 666
What a Way to Die - Pleasure Seekers
Apocalyptic Love - James and the Ultrasounds

Fight Fire - Fantastic Dee-Jays
Wake Up in Make Up - Jam Messengers
I Fought Piranhas - White Stripes
City Slang - Sonics Rendevous Band
Looking at You - MC5

Wolf Pack - Kid Thomas
Black Cat Bone - Lighting Hopkins
Nightmare - Scottie Stuart
The Creep - Bob Luman
The House is Haunted - Roy Fox
At the Devil's Ball - Maurice Burkhart

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